Biographical Facts

Henry L. Hillman


Residence: Morewood Heights, Pittsburgh PA 15213
Business:  2000 Grant Building, Pittsburgh PA 15219
Date and Place of Birth: December 25, 1918, Pittsburgh PA


Father: John Hartwell Hillman, Jr.
Mother: Juliet Cummins Lea
Wife: Elsie Mead Hilliard (1925 – 2015)

Juliet Lea Hillman Simonds
Audrey Hillman Fisher (Mrs. Timothy O.)
Henry Lea Hillman, Jr.
William Talbott Hillman


Shady Side Academy
Taft School
Princeton University, 1941 – A.B., Geology

Military Service

U. S. Navy – Naval Aviator – Lt. (1942-1945)

Current Activities

Hillman Family Foundations  
Chairman (elected 1964)

Other Past Activities

Action Housing, Inc.      
Director (1960)

Allegheny Conference on Community Development  
Exec. Committee (1960s)

The Business Council
Member (1977)

Carnegie Hero Fund Commission   
Trustee (1951)

The Carnegie Museums 
Trustee (1972)

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh  
Trustee (1951)

Laurel Foundation   
President (1954)

Maurice Falk Medical Fund
Vice Chair (1960)

Penn’s Southwest Association 
Trustee (1971)

Pittsburgh Regional Planning Assn.    
Director (1952)

Regional Industrial Development Corporation of Southwestern PA   
Director (1962)

University of Pittsburgh
Trustee (1956)

Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh
Member (1955)

Current Business Activities

The Hillman Company
Chairman of the Executive Committee (1993)

Past Business Activities

Calgon Corporation   
Director (1966)

Chemical Banking Corporation  
Director (1969)
(renamed J. P. Morgan Chase & Co.)

Copeland Corporation    
Chairman (1968)

Cummins Engine Company    
Director (1964)

Edgewater Corporation  
Director (1960)

General Electric Company          
Director (1972 & 1992)

Global Marine, Inc.       
Director (1963)

Grant Building, Inc.        
Director (1960)

Hillman Barge & Construction Company
Chairman (1959)

Hillman Coke & Coal Company  
Chairman (1963)

Hillman Land Company 
President (1974)

J.H. Hillman & Sons Company 
President (1959)

Marion Power Shovel Company, Inc.       
Director (1966)

Merck & Co., Inc.    
Director (1968)

National Intergroup, Inc.
Director (1958, 1982)

Neville Land Company  
Chairman (1970)

Nichols-Homeshield Industries, Inc.  
Director (1964)

Pittsburgh Coke & Chemical Company 
Chairman (1961)

Pittsburgh National Bank    
Director (1959)

PNC Financial Corp    
Director (1969)

Shakespeare Company   
Director (1968)

Shenango Incorporated   
Chairman (1962)

Standard Aircraft Equipment, Inc.   
Director (1970)

Texas Gas Transmission Corporation      
Chairman (1959)